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Tsavo East National Park - Theatre of the Wild
Attractions in Tsavo East National Park
The Yatta Plateau is impressive lava flow, one of the largest and longest of the world (300 km long and 10 km wide) and lies along the Athi river. The road starting from Mtito Andei gate pass over the plateau to offer splendid views across this vast arena of plains fringed by riverine forests. The plateau is a paradise for ornithologists and sundowner lovers. Formed 11-13.6 millions years ago by a stream of lava flow, the surrounding land was lowered by erosion leaving the lava standing up as a small escarpment
Mudanda Rock (located near Voi and Manyaki gates) is one of the great spectacle of the park. This massive rock, which emerges from the plain, is 1.6 km long, 20 m high and 100 m wide. The rock is famous for its photo opportunities as it offers unique endless panoramic views over Tsavo East National Parks and it is a safe place to picture hundreds of elephants and buffalos refreshing themselves up at a natural pond, located at the rock's base.
Wildlife in Tsavo East National Park : Despite the large size of the park, there is a great concentration of wildlife (specially during dry season) near rivers, dams and swampy areas. The park is internationally known for its large herds of red-dusty elephants wallowing in water of Galana rivers and other permanent rivers. Vast groups of others mammals visiting ponds and waterholes are buffalo, zebra, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, waterbuck and giraffe. Gazelles and antelopes, from the dik-dik to the oryx, are numerous. Lions are abundant and are often spotted at Kanderi swamps and Aruba dam. To be seen here include the rare and critically endangered hirola (Hunter's hartebeest), lesser kudu living in the dry bushes of the Galana river, one of the Kenya's most beautiful antelopes
Aruba Dam : Located on the northern side of Voi river, the dam is very close to Voi gate. This dam was built in 1952 by the park authorities to provide wildlife with a reserve of water during dry seasons, holds water throughout the year. The Aruba dam is a perfect place to get refreshment in the bar of the Aruba lodge while watching water birds, large mammals (elephants, buffalos, lions) and gazelles/antelopes drinking in the dam.
Kanderi Swamp located near the Voi gate, Kanderi swamp is home to a profusion of wildlife as it provides fresh water throughout the year.Large groups of mammals as well as water birds can be observed in the swampy area. Note that a public campsite known as Ndololo campsite is located near the swamps and is one of the best camping place of the park.
Galana River: The Tsavo and Athi rivers join together to form the Galana river, which flows eastwards to the Indian Ocean (Malindi). This permanent river is bordered by dense riverine forest (Acacia elatior and Doum Palm Hyphaene Compressa) and dry shrub (Suaeda Monoica) cover. The road going from Voi gate to Sala gate and following the Galana river is one of the best circuit of the park as you will see the Lugards falls and the Crocodile point.
Lugard's Falls : Named after the Britain's first proconsul of East Africa, Captain Lugard, the Lugard's falls are in fact rapids where Galana river disappears into a rocky gorge so narrow at one part that it is possible to stand astride the cleft with the falls below. The beauty of the site are the multicolours rocks carved over centuries by the water and taking fantastic shapes. The rapids, becoming ravaging floods during the rain seasons, plunge into a large pool below where giant crocodiles are resting and lying onto sandbanks. Visitors can climb around the eroded rocks or walk down the river to view the rapids. Note that 1 km after the falls, is the Crocodile point, a large pool populated by crocodiles, hippopotamus and buffalos.

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Tsavo East National Park on F. Kings Msafiri - Special offer safaris
A description of Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo East is a true wilderness and bestowed with devastatingly haunting  beauty.  This National Park covers an area of about 11,747 sq. km/. This park is a vast, flat, monotonous and semi-arid area lying equidistant between Nairobi and Mombasa and located at the northern side of the main Mombasa-Nairobi highway, opposite to Tsavo West National Park.

Tsavo East is still one of the last remaining of wilderness and biodiversity strongholds on Earth and it worth a visit. Tsavo East National Park is a must for professional photographers for its landscapes, its lighting and it's large herds of big mammals (such as elephants, buffalos and lions).

Tsavo East's Bachuma Gate sign post along the Nairobi - Mombasa Highway

View of the Bachuma Gate

Tsavo East National Park is home to the Yatta plateau, a flat topped lava ridge, running along the western boundary of the park and the Mudanda rock, whose base has a natural pond where hundreds of elephants usually come to drink and take dust baths.

Tsavo East National Park is soaked by many seasonal rivers and only two rivers are permanent; The Galana River and the Athi River. These two rivers merge to form the principal river of the park. Another river in the park is the  Voi river,  whose banks form an enchanting forest gallery rich in wildlife and the Kanderi swamps and the Aruba dam attract many animals.
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The park has also an important history : first, for its cruel "Man-Eaters of Tsavo" story and secondly, for being a major battle field in WWI where British and German troops battled for territory.

The vegetation around Tsavo East National Park is savannah grassland with thorny bushes and some swampy marshland near Voi River. The landscape is unique because of the Yatta Plateau formed from the lava that oozed from Ol Doinyo Sabuk Mountain.

Only a small area of Tsavo East National Park's vast nature reserve, larger by far than Tsavo West, is open to the public although new areas for human intrusion are now being added. The remainder provides a remote animal wilderness.

The main river that passes through this park is the River Galana. A variety of animals can be seen along it; lions, leopard, cheetah, zebras, giraffes, serval, antelopes, kongoni, lesser kudu, oryx, klipspringer, impala, stripped hyena, ostriches, gazelles, buffalos, elephants and many more.

Aruba Dam - a watering point for many animals in Tsavo East

Antelopes are a  common sighting in the park

A variety of migratory and native birds are seen. The birds are viewed between late October and early January, and come from as far as Eastern and Western Europe. Commonly seen birds are African skimmers, goshawks, red and yellow bishops, palm nut vultures and the white-headed buffalo weavers.

There are many interesting aspects in the open areas of Tsavo East not least the spine of the Yatta Plateau, one of the world's longest lava flows. An additional attraction is the Athi River flanked by stately doum palms which, near the Manyani gate forms the Lugard Falls, a long stretch of rippling white water cataracts and a favorite haunt for sunbathing crocodiles.

View of the Galana River from Galdessa Camp in Tsavo East

Huge Herds of Elephants are resident in Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls gush through a small fissure, narrow enough for the foolhardy to leap across, before dropping to Crocodile Point below, where the river changes its name to the Galana.


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Our Recommended Accommodation (Safari Camps and Lodges) in Tsavo East National Park

Voi Wildlife Lodge and Safari Spa is located in the Savannah grasslands of Tsavo East, with spectacular views of nearby volcanic outcrops, like the Kasigau and Mwakingali Hills ...  read more

Voi Safari Lodge is set on top of a hill and overlooks Tsavo East plains extending as far as the terrain of the Yatta Plateau. Wildlife is attracted by the water holes sunk by the lodge below the cliff ...  read more

Galdessa Camp is a small eco-camp located in Tsavo East National Park, 15 kilometers upstream of Lugard's Falls. Galdessa Camp's remote location in a very wild part of the park ensures that tourism is kept to a minimum, enhancing the intimacy the camp, and guests, enjoy with nature ... read more
Other accommodation in Tsavo East National Park include;
 Satao Rock Camp, Satao Tented Camp, Ndololo Safari Camp, Red Elephant Safari Lodge, Tarhi Eco Camp, Patterson Safari camp, Sagala safari lodge, Kilalinda safari lodge,
Ngutuni Safari Lodge, Man-Eaters Camp, Manyata Camp, Tsavo Mashariki Camp (Click here for details on above accommodations)
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